About Having Covid-19

This is going to be a very short post. I am currently entering my second week with Covid-19, and so is my mom. At first, we attributed the coughing to allergies, sinus infections and other things we are prone to have, but then the fever came, together with the chills, body ache, mental fog, and extreme fatigue which prompted a visit to the hospital and a PCR test. Afterwards, other symptoms came, like the loss of taste and smell, which isn't bad at all compared to some of the others. Right now the fever is under control, the body aches are subsiding, but the extreme fatigue and mental fog or haze is still very much present, even more so.


Living in one of the main countries whose leaders deny the severity of the pandemic—Brazil, a nation of some 210 million people led by a criminal lunatic who openly laughs at the number of dead and actively promotes the anti-vaccination movement—it's becoming more and more disheartening staying awake, especially now that I'm sick and feeling so tired all the time. Hopefully I'll come back in a few days. If not, remember: life is terrible, but it can get even worse when we elect leaders who openly state that they hope to install a theocratic government centered around them and their families.